It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without You

by Matt Pendergast

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This year, I wanted to record a Christmas song and include some of my close musical friends. Even though we all live in different cities or countries, the challenge was to make it all work through mobile home recording. The result is "It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without You". Hope you enjoy it!


released December 8, 2009
Written, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Matt Pendergast

Vocals: Brad Byrd, Frank Ciampi, Lindsay Ellyn, Melissa Chenell Jones, Andrew Jones, Michelle Margherita, Matt Pendergast, Ben Romans

Drums and Cymbals: Andrew Jones
Pump Organ: Andrew Jones
Acoustic Guitars: Stu Berk, Eliot Hunt, Matt Pendergast
Bass Guitar: Matt Pendergast
Electric Guitars: Matt Pendergast
Drum Programming: Matt Pendergast
Percussion: Matt Pendergast
Synth Programming: Matt Pendergast